Sunday@5 is an exciting, multi-church, multi-cultural Worship Gathering where the presence of God is real and the Holy Spirit leads the Worship in the direction it should go. Sunday@5 is described as “refreshing” and “a place to find hope” as people from near and far come together once-a-month to be encouraged in their own ministries or their day-to-day walk with the Lord. Sunday@5 is NOT like your typical Sunday morning service so, if you’re looking for “something more,” “something deeper” THIS IS FOR YOU! You will be challenged and blessed by very engaging Worship music, drama sketches, real-life testimonies, Scripture, prayer ministry, fresh reports from the mission field as well as a time of  fellowship which brings a true sense of community.

What others are saying about Sunday@5

From the first time I attended Sunday At 5:00 (“Sunday@5”) I knew this would become a very special time for my family and me. For those of us who are workers in the Church we can get run down in service to our Lord and find ourselves in need of rejuvenation. S@5 is my “rejuvenation station.” It is the place where you can worship God in spirit and in truth as well as being encouraged through the testimonies of His people. The hand of God is over this ministry and He is actively involved. It is a place where you can get refreshed and renewed. I have invited many people to worship with us from the Church and everyone that I meet who loves the Lord and is looking for something genuinely revitalizing. I will continue to support Ajay and the wonderful team of worshipers who participate in leading worship. God has placed something very special in Ajay’s heart to create an environment of authentic worship. It is my experience that God is truly exalted and His people are powerfully encouraged through Sunday@5.

––Eric Philpot
Senior Pastor
Cross-Life Family Worship

Sunday @Five is a wonderful time of praise, worship, testimonials, and fellowship.  I don’t get the chance to experience genuine praise anywhere else like I do at Sunday at Five.  It recharges my spirit, lifts me up mentally, and helps me keep focused on my walk with Jesus.

 ––Michael Moore

I’ve been going to Sunday @5 for more than a year, and it has been such as blessing from the LORD.  At my church, I usually don’t sing too loudly so as not to draw attention to myself, but at Sunday@5, everyone is singing exuberantly along with the powerful music, so I can sing at the top of my lungs to our LORD without any reservations.  Also, I am very encouraged by the personal testimonies given throughout the service and truly enjoy the dinner fellowship with my fellow Christians from many different churches afterwards.

 — Alex Huynh

Sunday@5 was the most awesome , Spirit-filled, intimate gathering of the Lord’s people that I have ever experienced. I was feeling empty and my life in turmoil but, I left Sunday@5 the first time truly refreshed, revived, and without a doubt that God wanted me to be a part of this ministry. My purpose is to serve and praise the Lord. Sunday@5 gives me a refreshing spirit of revival.

—Connie Irwin

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